Stem Cell Facials

Qui Si Bella Wellness Spa proudly presents our new facial treatments with STEM CELLS! Learn more about our stem cell facial treatments.  Turn back the clock with our ultimate ant-aging facial! Long lasting improvements and your youthful beauty restored. The facial includes a complete facial, stem cell infusion and myotonology. Recommended once a month. 80 min $450 (or $350 when you buy a package of 4)

Energy Healing

Learn more about our Energy Modality Healing services.  This session works directly with your LIFE ENERGY enhancing its flow.  Old tensions can dissolve so that balance & relaxation can be restored. As we all know healing happens within however, our qualified energy healers can skillfully guide you into a deeper, more nourishing state.  Initial treatment 80 minutes $150.   Follow-up treatment 50 minutes $110.