Sobyl E. Bunis, D.C.

Full service chiropractic & natural family medicine is now available to our spa patients.

• Chiropractic Service
• Nutritional Programs
• Neuro Emotional Technique
• Weight Management
• Detoxification Programs

Back to School Specials

Are you confident your child will have their BEST year ever in School?

• Problems with focus & attention
• Struggles with learning
• Sugar & Carbohydrate cravings
• Chronic congestion & mental fogginess
• Resistance to doing homework
• Food allergies & sensitivities
• Discipline/behavior issues

All of the above could hold them back. Call today to set up an appointment (805) 892-2400 Helping Central Coast children for 24 years with Natural Family Care

Chiropractic Services

No two adjustments are ever alike. My style has evolved to be an eclectic blend of both non-force and manual techniques. I have been trained to adjust every bone in the body.

My techniques include:

• Applied kinesiology
• Sacro-occipital technique (SOT)
• Vector point cranial
• Diversified Nuero Emotional Technique (NET)
• Extremity Programs
• Nutritional Programs
• Natural Medicine

As a natural doctor Sobyl provides:

• A natural medicine approach (non-drug, non-surgical)
• Treatment of everyone as an individual not a disease
• Natural Medicine support and assistance if you are undergoing medical treatment

Nuero Emotional Technique

Many Doctors, therapists and patients refer people to me for Neuro Emotional Technique. NET is a gentle and incredibly effective way to release old emotionally traumatic patterns from your body. As we grow up, we experience powerful emotional events that actually leave a physical imprint in our bodies. These “emotional buttons” can affect our health, our relationships, and our ability to be successful. The can even create limiting belief systems that prevent us from fulfilling our potential for a rich and satisfying life. I work with all family members, including couples.

Weight Management

It’s not about weight as much as body composition. Having a good muscle-to-fat ratio is a key to longevity and health. I will gently and effectively encourage a lifestyle that works for you to achieve your goals I combine body composition testing, a personalized nutritional program and NET to release any emotionally driven eating patterns.

Detoxification Programs

Detoxification programs and detox foot baths