Serenity and Balneo Rituals

Serenity Rituals


Experience the most divine ancient Ayurvedic Ritual: A steady stream of warm oil on the forehead stimulates the pituitary gland or “third eye” which will  -rest and calm the mind – stimulate the 3rd eye & crown chakras – awaken intuition and inner wisdom – Help mental focus – relieve stress, anxiety, depression & insomnia through natural serotonin, dopamine & melatonin – reduce and relieve migraine headaches.
30 min. – $80        Performed by an Ayurvedic Expert.

Thai Herbal Treatment

This treatment dates back to the 14th Century when soldiers returning home were treated with massage and hot herbal poultices. The heat, combined with aromatic herbs, is absorbed by the body to increase lymphatic drainage, reducing aches and pains. An ancient tradition that renews the body, mind and spirit.
1.5 hrs – $165

Body Samadhi Treatment

This is the ultimate Ayurvedic pampering treatment. Customized for your specific body type—Vata, Pitta or Kapha, this session combines a nourishing herbal wrap and skin exfoliation, Ayurvedic balancing foot treatment, a stimulating herbal detoxifying body massage including aroma-therapeutic enriching body oils. Includes energy balancing and a mini-shirodara along with a scalp massage and hair treatment.
3 hrs – $325

Jade Eye Rejuvenation

Nurture the eyes, the window to your soul. This signature treatment, created by Qui Si Bella Spa Proprietor Chrys Huynh, is not to be missed. To commence your journey, you relax onto a soft jade bed. Cucumbers cool your eyes as reflexology is performed on your feet, followed by a placement of hot stones to keep them warm. To complete your rejuvenation, experience the ancient art of facial jade rolling to refresh your eyes and smooth your skin.
1 hr – $105

Balneo Rituals

Throughout the ages bathing rituals and hydrotherapy soaks have been a common ritual for releasing stress and achieving peace of mind and relaxation. These treatments are an excellent way to soothe your body and enhance your relaxation experience before or after additional treatments.

Bath Soak

A wonderful addition to a facial, massage or body scrub, we offer you a
choice of our exquisite aromatherapy bath salts and coconut milk bath
blends. A great stress-buster to enjoy alone or as a relaxing addition to a
couples spa experience.
.5 hr (solo $40 / couple $60)

Rose Petal Soak

We invite you to enjoy a truly unique, beautifying bath experience. Dried
rose petals and sea salt make the perfect combination for renewing the skin.
Must be ordered 24 hours in advance.
.5 hr (w/treatment $30 / solo $40)

Milk and Honey Soak

Known since the times of Cleopatra for its skin softening and soothing
properties, our organic milk and honey bath is another signature spa
experience you sure to delight!
.5 hr (w/treatment $30 / solo $40)

Ancient Hydrotherapy Ritual

Experience the 3,000-year-old art of the Asian bathing ritual. You begin in
an aroma-infused hydrotherapy tub followed by a vigorous full body scrub.
You will then experience a luxurious hydrating wrap and stimulating
massage. A soothing cup of chrysanthemum tea is served to complement
your sense of total renewal.
3 hrs – $285

Grecian Bath Treatment

Experience a pampering bathing ritual inspired by the Greeks. Beginning with a relaxing Swedish massage followed by a stimulating honey mint salt glow scrub you then complete your experience with a luxurious soak, including your choice of bath blend and chroma (color)
1 .5 hr – $165 / 2 hrs – $235