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Santa Barbara Day Spa Staff

Chrys Huynh-Owner of Qui Si Bella Spa

Chrys is a humanitarian, visionary and entrepreneur, with a long history of helping and inspiring others in academia and business.  Chrys owned and ran an academic school teaching French in her native country, Vietnam. After the communists took over the country, she helped hundreds of refugees leave Vietnam in her ship and for 9 months they sailed and ended up in Malaysia.  After many struggles, she arrived to San Jose, CA where she organized a women`s association as a social worker and employment counselor. A few years later, Chrys pursued one of her passions in engineering and real estate and owned a business as a real estate developer in Houston, TX.  Years passed and Chrys came back to academia and she owned and ran the Lu Ross Academy Beauty School in Ventura.  Nevertheless, her life-long dream was to create a place where people can take charge of their well-being. The end result is a luxurious Tuscan inspired day spa and wellness center, Qui Si Bella, offering ancient, holistic rituals and modern unconventional modalities. Chrys has a special interest and passion for providing skin care and permanent make-up services to her clients.



Rikk Massage TherapistRikk Valdivia is a licensed massage therapist providing outstanding therapeutic care nearly twenty years, integrating a wide variety of treatment modalities.  Incorporating a holistic approach to bodywork, Rikk utilizes his expertise in postural analysis to adapt and deliver individualized massage therapy techniques including Swedish Gymnastics (stretching), Thai, Sports and Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Technique, Hot Stone, Hydrotherapy, and Body Polarity and is skilled in providing outstanding Prenatal Massage Therapy. Rikk is a 2000 graduate of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in Albuquerque where his studies included the art and science of modern naturopathic treatments, anatomy, physiology, and nutritional healing. After relocating to San Diego in 2002 he was employed by local day spas and served eight years as a leading therapist at the internationally renowned Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa located in Rancho Santa Fe California. Rikk and his partner relocated to Santa Barbara in 2016 and he is proud to join the professional team at Qui Si Bella Spa.  Rikk is a member of The United Methodist Church in Santa Barbara and he often volunteers there to help the homeless and people in need.  Rikk also enjoys cooking, baking, and trips to the wine country. He and his partner Doug, a director of a local non-profit health center, are very happy to call Santa Barbara their new home.

Isabel Jung-Ansorg

Isabel grew up in Germany where she obtained a Master’s degree in clinical Psychology from the University of Hamburg. In Germany and many other European countries she has been working with people, guiding workshops and courses for over 25 years. She also lived in India for some time to study Meditation and Energy Work under a living Master. Her work always happens in an atmosphere of spaciousness and compassion helping clients to address deeper lying issues or just relax and be treated to beautiful skin under her hands. In the U.S. she has been trained as a transformational coach, massage therapist and aesthetician. For the past 10 years Isabel worked in the most beautiful Sedona’s New Day Spa, in Sedona, Arizona. There she has been the lead therapist and was sought out for her exceptional Energy Work treatments. Isabel moved to beautiful Santa Barbara in summer 2016 and she is happy to bring her expertise and passion to the residents and guests here.


Ildiko is a Hungarian European-trained esthetician who has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. After immigrating to the USA, she lived in Michigan and worked in several high-end salons and spas providing a wide range of skin care procedures and body treatments. Additionally, she worked for a local distributor where she trained and educated fellow professionals in various skin care applications and represented exclusive skin care lines. Ildiko has also worked for several medical practices providing clinical skin care, laser treatments and also help to run a skin care on-line eBay business. In 2010, Ildiko became a licensed Hypnotherapist and has helped many patients lose weight and quit smoking. After relocating to Santa Barbara, she has been working at Qui Si Bella Spa for over four years and genuinely enjoys her local clientele. Because constant improvement and personal betterment is one of Ildiko`s inner needs, she graduated from Antioch University with an undergraduate degree in Psychology and most recently with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She is eager to provide assistance in marketing the beautiful Qui Si Bella Spa as she continues her professional career as a licensed esthetician providing all the skin care procedures the spa offers.


I am a licensed massage therapist, energy healer certified in Reiki and a psychic.  I specialize in Meridian Massage and PreNatal Massage, both with channeled healing energy. The Meridian Massage can be included in the PreNatal sessions if you like.  Meridian Massage emphasizes opening the energy flow channels in the body with usual massage techniques listed below, combining them with acupressure. I have been blessed with the ability to sense  immediately where knots and tension spots are in the body. To transform them into balanced and relaxed tissue & muscle, I choose the modality that works best for that section of the body from the following: Esalen, acupressure, Swedish/Deep Tissue, – Reiki and other channeled energies, Toning,, Reflexology, and Chakra Energy Balancing. Hot stones are an upgrade to your massage and are a good choice if you relax with heat application.  A brief consultation at the beginning of each session helps me tailor the session to your specific needs.  Transformative Psychic Reading/Healing:To understand and release the root cause of your tension or physical ailment, I use my intuitive gifts during psychic reading/personal transformation sessions. I began developing my psychic work in 1982 studying NeoNative American spirituality with Swiftdeer. Later, I studied with Fred Fassett in Santa Barbara and have read at Journey Home in Ventura, Heart of Light in Ojai and Paradise Found in town. These sessions can eliminate longstanding patterns held in the body, mind and emotional realms and can be done the same day as your massage or at a different time. Other types of Readings: Channeling, Angel Cards, Q & A – any topic.  Additional Credentials for the work I do include Master of Arts in Counseling from USC, Bachelors of Arts in Studio Art; graduation from Body Therapy Institute, Reiki, Level 2 certification, and Personal Development work and workshops for 34 years. I’ve done massage since 1992.  Here’s hoping I may be of service to you and look forward to seeing you at the spa.


Santa Barbara Massage TherapistMohammed is a massage therapist, healer and energy worker at Qui Si Bella Spa. He has been with the spa for over 11 years giving Ayurvedic massages, doing body wraps and body scrubs.  Mohammed received a very intensive and rigorous two year training (7 days a week, 10 hours a day) at the Ayruvedic Ashram, in Tamalnare, India.  After finishing his education in his native India, he sought out and learned many other massage modality trainings in Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, Russia, and the Ukraine. Mohammed practiced bodywork for 35 years in Indonesia and also in England. Mohammed`s mission in life is to help people ease their pain and heal clients through the techniques that he learned from his masters. He uses Ayurvedic oils for some of his treatments and uses unique techniques depending on his clients’ complaints. He is passionate about the treatments and the procedures that he provides to his clients as they feel light and relaxed. He enjoys working at Qui Si Bella Spa because he likes the design and the structure of the spa and furthermore he believes the spa has a very good working environment and a friendly staff.

Santa Barbara Nail ExpertDanny

 Danny, our “Nail Expert,” was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the USA. Danny has been a nail technician for over 22 years and he has been working in the greater Santa Barbara area providing pristine manicures and pedicures. He joined our Qui Si Bella Spa one year ago. He often quietly whistles when providing services and he always does a fabulous job.


Santa Barbara Massage Therapist

Ide Maria

Ide is a multi-faceted professional doing massages, aesthetic,  manicures and pedicures. She has an Italian background: however, she was born and raised in Brazil where she was born and trained to perform bodywork. Coming to the U.S.A. she went to cosmetology school which opened doors for her to have advanced training on skin care and nails. She believes in natural, organic, and environmental friendly products. She has been working in organic spas for many years and she is passionate about giving and taking care of others. Ide Maria enjoys working at Qui Si Bella Spa because the focus is on well being and on the clients.

Santa Barbara Massage TherapistSandy

Sandy has a unique ability to combine years of technical body work and injury recovery with her passion for energy work. Her style is intuitive, combining what
clients share with what their bodies tell her.  Sandy brings over 25 years of experience and study to every massage.  She started her career working in physical therapy, using various modalities to bring world class athletes back to a competitive level; including World Cup professionals, mountain bikers, surfers, snowboarders, ski racers and triathletes. In an active town like Santa Barbara, Sandy’s ability to repair back aches, knee injuries and frozen shoulders is in great demand! Born and raised in Valencia, CA, Sandy wanted to experience the east coast, spending time working in high-end resorts and medical facilities in Vermont and New York.  Although Sandy loved her time away, she is thrilled to be back in Santa Barbara after a 20-year absence.  In her free time, Sandy loves to travel, spend time outdoors, garden and be with her two children.


Cristiana is a born Healer. She has facilitated other people’s well-being as a therapist in Europe, India and the U.S. for most of her adult life. In 2001 she moved permanently to the U.S. and is licensed here as a Massage Therapist and Energy Worker.


Adriana J. Reyna moved to Santa Barbara to pursue her B.A. in Spanish Literature at UCSB. Adriana is also a State licensed phlebotomist and a State of California Licensed Massage Therapist and a graduate of Santa Barbara Bodyworks. She specializes in creating an integrative massage using Swedish, deep tissue and range of motion to target problem areas of the body. Adriana believes that massage plays a highly important role in healing our bodies from poor ergonomics, orthopedic injuries and day-to-day stress related muscle tension. Adriana felt in love with massage after a sports related knee injury that caused a lot of problems to her body as a whole. She expresses, “I was blessed to have an excellent massage therapist after my surgery who worked on getting rid of the muscle adhesions that prevented my full range of motion.”Due to her personal experience Adriana’s goal as a massage therapist is to tailor every massage to the client’s specific needs. During her spare time, she enjoys songwriting, listening to music, singing, dancing and sharing time with family and friends.


“Hello, my name is Weston I’m from Cape Cod Massachusetts and moved to California about 5 years ago to pursue my degree in fashion design in Los Angeles. I’ve been working in the Spa Industry for over two years and I absolutely love it. Skin and body care has always been a passion of mine ever since I can remember.  My favorite thing about working at Qui Si Bella is getting to interact with our fabulous clientele and our incredible caring and highly skilled staff. I love seeing when our staff of massage therapists and aestheticians can turn someone`s day into an incredibly positive and healing experience. There is something magical and transformational when you step into Qui Si Bella. It has the power to overcome you with a sense of serenity, well being, and take you to a higher vibrational state. Every treatment offered at Qui Si Bella is a journey into the heart, soul, and the ever expanding mind. Please come and enjoy the journey with us.”


I relocated to Santa Barbara almost 8 years ago from New Jersey. I also worked there in a spa/salon industry for 12 years. I have been at Qui Si Bella for 7 years as the Manager/ Front Desk coordinator. My job is to make sure that everything about your visit is perfect.  Your decision to visit us is a choice we deeply appreciate. I strive to assist every client in making their experience at Qui Si Bella stress free, engaging, relaxing and wanting to come back again. I am   very knowledgeable of our staff and services and ready to help book appointments to fit clients schedules and needs.  During my days off I enjoy taking my Yorkshire, Lucy, gardening and I love to cook. I travel back to the East Coast often to spend time with family and friends, especially my grand-baby, Madelynn, who was born March 2016. In a nut shell, I love my job here, the beautiful environment, fabulous clients and staff that is just Awesome!

Santa Barbara Day Spa

About Qui Si Bella: Qui Si Bella, 3311 State Street, is located inside the Loreto Plaza Shopping Center on the corner of State Street and Las Positas Road. Services available at Santa Barbara’s most comprehensive day spa include manicures and pedicuresholistic treatmentsmassageswrapsanti-aging facialsbody detox programsalternative medicine and hair loss treatment. Hours are Monday: Noon-7p.m., Tuesday-Saturday: 10a.m.-7p.m., and Sunday: 10a.m.-5p.m. Visit the website at for spa exclusives. “Like” the Facebook page for more information on Santa Barbara spa services. Call 805-682-0003 for reservations.